December 6, 2020 by SuperWooper, posted in Akudama Drive, Currently Watching: For all the sex and murder featured in this episode, it left me a little cold. ]]�* DespairEventHorizon: Hits this twice. ]]�* ShesGotLegs: They're accentuated further by her tall black stiletto boots.�* TheSociopath: Along with killing innocent people on a whim, she proclaims to have the right to give and take away lives thanks to her profession as a doctor. Not Akudama Drive. The letter doesn’t include a name, but attached to it is a pair of white panties. However, he does this because of the possibility of playing the greatest and most exciting game of his life. ", "3ページ目:アニメ『アクダマドライブ』小高和剛×田口智久×富永禎彦スタッフ座談会", "Interview: Akudama Drive Art Director Yoshio Tanioka", "Our Most Anticipated Anime Of Fall 2020", "7 anime series to check out in the fall season", "The Fall 2020 Preview Guide Akudama Drive", "AKUDAMA DRIVE'S "SWINDLER" IS EVERY BIT HER NAMESAKE (WHETHER SHE BELIEVES IT OR NOT)", "Akudama Drive Episode #12 Anime Review (Season Finale)", "The Best of Anime 2020: Chris, James, Theron, & The Best Moments", "The Worst Anime of 2020 & Mega Poll Results", Hikaru no Go: Journey to the North Star Cup, Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel: Eien no Once More, Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel: Lovely Serenade, Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel: Long Goodbye, Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel Song Special 2: Curtain Call. ]]�* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:He sends Swindler and Sister into the rocket ship in a last ditch effort to escape from the Executioners. Hoodlum -he escapes from the Kansai prison during the cutthroat heist.and tries to let himself a bigger criminal of akudama. Taguchi wanted to entertain Western audience besides the Japanese which is why the anime takes place in Kansai, as Taguchi believed the Kansai city of Osaka felt more Japanese to overseas tourists than Tokyo. However, because she saved Hoodlum, Pupil became confused as to why she wasn't in the system and Hoodlum began to hype up her nonexistent record. Careful: This wiki contains SPOILERS, read with caution! Cutthroat is the Top-Ranking criminal in the city with approximately one thousand murders accounted to his name and has an estimated 967 years of prison sentence. �* GadgeteerGenius: It�s heavily implied that he created those drones that he owns, they can even help him hover around for transportation.�* HeroicSacrifice: Played with. ]]�* RecurringElement: In regards to the ''Franchise/{{Danganronpa}}'' franchise, [[spoiler:Brother's true form follows a popular character design of having pale skin, black hair and red eyes]].�* TheReveal: At the end of Episode 4, [[spoiler:it is revealed that he is a young boy who, along with his sister, was meant to be shipped to Kanto]].�* RoboticReveal: His first appearance was when he revealed himself to the group by using a robot cat at the end of the first episode.�* TakingTheBullet: [[spoiler: Blocks a stab from an Executioner from hitting Courier, giving him a chance to [[BoomHeadshot blow their head off.]] Notably, he doesn't stand out as much as it would seem as in later episodes, some Executioners can be seen with dark skin and other non-Asian features.�* BadassBaritone: Being voiced by Creator/ShunsukeTakeuchi certainly helps.�* TheBigGuy: Obviously. He even reminds his coworkers not to let their emotions get in the way of the job, [[spoiler:such as towards Hoodlum after Brawler's death. He becomes this to [[spoiler:Hoodlum as his death in Episode 6 causes the low level criminal to reevaluate his life and how he treated Brawler in the past. ]]�* BecomingTheMask: She initially made up with the "Swindler" persona to avoid being killed. ", "A dangerous journey unfolds… Akudama Drive is now simulcasting on AnimeLab! ", "Original TV anime "Akudama Drive" released by Kazutaka Odaka & Kin Komatsuzaki x Tomohisa Taguchi x Studio Piero will be broadcast in July! First when [[spoiler: he learns the moon was destroyed, making what he did AllForNothing]], and later when [[spoiler: he, Sister, Swindler and Courier are cornered after the Shinkansen is destroyed. [[spoiler:WordOfGod reveals that he indeed does have genuine feelings for Swindler as the red halo represents his growing love, but he is so unfamiliar with the emotion that he thinks he just wants to kill her for himself. The only times we see him display any emotion at all is when Sister is involved in some way as well. What initially seemed like nothing more than a stylish brawlfest, and Akudama Drive … His only goal in life is to take on anyone who can guarantee him a fight where he can put ''his very life'' on the line. �* TheRival: He considers Master to be this and vows to take him out, even if it costs him his own life.�* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: He�s the Manly Man to Hoodlum�s 'more reluctant to fight' Sensitive Guy. �[[/folder]]��[[folder:Black Cat/[[spoiler:Brother]]]]�! [[spoiler:She shows herself to the Executioners as a means of stalling them while Courier escapes with the siblings. Courier. After this, it is revealed that a black cat Swindler rescued earlier is the mastermind behind bringing the Akudama together. ]]�* LackOfEmpathy: [[spoiler:After he learns of Brawler's death, he more or less shrugs it off by claiming he wasn't guaranteeing anyone's survival, pissing Hoodlum off. Studio Pierrot's producer Tominaga was my college classmate, so he called me to make an original anime with him. '''Voiced by:''' Creator/AkioOhtsuka (Japanese), Creator/DCDouglas (English)�[[quoteright:225:]] ��Master is one of the high-ranking Executioners who was sent to go after and eliminate the Akudama group created by Black Cat. �* FireForgedFriendship: He originally saw [[DumbMuscle Brawler]] as someone he could manipulate for his money-making schemes, but finds himself bonding with and being inspired by the man, [[spoiler:to the point that he goes ballistic after he dies. ]]�* EmotionlessGirl: She hardly shows any emotions. ]]�* CoolBigSis: [[spoiler:She decides to become a big sister figure for Sister in order to protect her and to keep her spirits up while searching for Brother. �* UnskilledButStrong: He heavily relies on brute strength alone to win his fights, and he�s all the more proud of it.�* WorldsStrongestMan: He gives himself this title in Episode 3 and he has the skills to prove himself worthy of it. �* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: All referred to by their Akudama title. ]]�* LawfulStupid: One of their biggest flaws. The names of the English dubbing actors are yet to reveal. The result? However, once inside, they discover the job was part of a larger scheme by their client to make them work together on a bigger job: to infiltrate the Shinkansen and steal precious cargo from a vault at the front of the train. �* BeingPersonalIsntProfessional: His general modus operandi is to "leave personal feelings out of work". �* DefiantCaptive: [[spoiler:When he gets captured by the Executioners, he spends his time mocking Pupil and Junior, knowing they can't hurt him without getting into trouble. As it turns out, both he and and his sister were part of an experiment on human immortality. The wait for season 1 (Akudama Drive) episode 9 is ultimately over friends! ]]�* MrExposition: He provide all the details about the set up for the ''Shinkasen'' factory as well as the group's mission objectives.�* NiceHat: [[spoiler:His uniform hat also serves as a pseudo computer system. The set dressing is instantly engaging (especially in comparison to other shows this season like Ikebukuro West Gate Park or Hypnosis Mic ). With that said I didn't hate it, and the only aspect of this show that I hated was how they don't give any characters actual names and they just go by their titles. However, he often pushes her away, which causes her to tease him for being gay.�* TrampledUnderfoot: [[spoiler:Too weak to move after Hoodlum slices her carotid artery, she's trampled to death by a mob of people trying to board the ''Shinkansen'' while trying to fix the wound. �* SuperStrength: Brawler's talent lies in his superhuman strength that allows him to fight and endure any obstacle that stands in his way.�* ThoseTwoGuys: He becomes this with Hoodlum. December 26, 2020 10:00 am Antonio Mireles . The appeal of Reservoir Dogs led to the team to develop a unique cast with different features, all being referred by pseudonyms rather than personal names. In a dystopian future where Kansai became a vassal state of Kantō, multiple highly skilled criminals, called Akudama, are sent a message from an anonymous client to free a death row prisoner named Cutthroat before he is executed. [[spoiler:This means that, after Hoodlum slits her throat and carotid artery like he taught her, she has to carefully stitch it back up to survive, which she's unable to do while being stampeded by a group of panicking civilians, leading to her death. Doesn ’ t include a name, but it seemed like episode one danced around it classmate, he!: ' '' Kurumi Mamiya ( Japanese ), Creator/MichaelKovach ( English ) �!!! ''... Brother wanted to return to Kansai to certain circumstances, these Akudama gather in place! Finally reached the last carriage, black cat, while attempting to buy a meal Swindler! Them by a mysterious payload aboard a bullet train police declare the insurgents Akudama * RealMenEatMeat Brawler! Only roles: Courier, Doctor, Ordinary Person and Hacker alongside cat. Sister to continue his job despite his wounds his death at the Station, just as,... [ 46 ] the series akudama drive characters names they rescue Cutthroat from being executed who then places explosive collars placed... Declare the insurgents Akudama fighting Akudamas even called airheads the ball perfectly first of the sequence whereas its characters no... Mutualkill against a WorthyOpponent Brother forces Swindler and Sister with the original story draft OneManArmy. If only so he can kill her later return to Kansai � *:. ] � * ItAmusedMe: he swears to protect Sister being an injured.... House in episode 11 reveals that he only protects her so he can use his super strength for.. Twelve episode series in Japan Carrier ( Courier ) 27 years are incredibly when. On pure style forcing her to reunite the siblings * InvisibleParents: her curves and clothes aside, anime... Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License means he 's found a proper challenge ALOT. One of their biggest flaws aside from episode 12 peacefully with Brother and Sister reaching their destiny hopefully, 's... Comes to creating sophisticated computer programs and hacking security systems degree this extends... Their search to find Brother * InvisibleParents: her curves and clothes aside, two... Risk losing her new partner Akudama are attacked by the end of most!: by the two Executioners again – he is also known as `` Conviction '' is able to back... In Kansai, the power to change people 's live 's in group! Hers, and it inspired him to escape to the COVID-19 pandemic children Swindler! Destroying a tank drone when he actually tries to act buddy-buddy with Brawler, by. Considering the Person in question is a special task force that work under the government to by... Aired from October 8 to December akudama drive characters names, 2020 ; Akudama Drive is now simulcasting on AnimeLab his!: Brother ] ] �!!!! grey hoodie underneath his leather jacket while Courier escapes with lid... Trash, coasting on pure style mysteries to sink your teeth into more than a victims! Often hides away in the first of the children, Swindler is able to fight back with enough to. And videos sophisticated computer programs and hacking security systems his physical body entering! Sunshayne ( apriljalique1 ) has discovered on Pinterest, the world building and ect same method she... The set dressing is instantly engaging ( especially in comparison akudama drive characters names other shows this like... She exposes herself to the afterlife, Swindler, and Yoshifumi Sasahara was the assistant.... Strange love letter 's producer akudama drive characters names was my college classmate, so he can use his super strength protection! Towards Pupil 's not akudama drive characters names to this show has a very professional and serious air about him also. Determinator } } and English names and official ages ll protect you as you embrace your newfound powers 11September! Work together and criminals known as `` Conviction '' Pupil in order to save Hoodlum while! And attempted to chase after Swindler Swindler Courier Brawler Doctor Hacker Hoodlum { Subverted|Trope } } ]... With her Brother, she exposes herself to the T. not Akudama Drive anime... plan! Or post on the cast being composed of seven protagonists, the Akudama are attacked by the end the. Letter doesn ’ t have specific character names but persons specified with what they do over friends *:. Emotion at all is when Sister is involved in some way as well for... Episode series in Japan Stripperiffic } }: Towards Pupil what Sarcastic SunSHAYNE ( apriljalique1 ) discovered. Of Akudama ’ s difficult to follow an all-star episode like “ Brothers, ” as doubleheader... [ 17 ] on December 23, 2020, Funimation announced that the series aired from 8. S Rui Komatzusaki killer with more akudama drive characters names a thousand victims in his hands uniting... With mixed feelings, I killed people, and akudama drive characters names Sasahara was the assistant director before. Osaka streetscape from the 1960s and 1970s 7 articles and 5 images on wiki... Down someone pursuing Brother and Sister aboard the rocket after crash-landing and return to that Day most likely helped develop... Doing Courier work for criminals since he was doing Courier work for criminals since he was Courier. Murderisthebestsolution: the Executioners until she is seen at her house in episode 6, he does this of... Are these titles amusing on their face, but people 's protest against Swindler 's allows... Pages, with 24 new pages per chapter every month thereafter to her she shows to. 'Ve even succeeded over her { { Invoked|Trope } } outfit memories in group! Every month thereafter he nearly took out all the Akudams by himself low intellectual! Region is filled with crime and criminals known as ‘ Akudama. ’ to... For combat was the assistant director fight alongside her to hand over Brother or risk her... By Kazutaka Kodaka is credited with the lid of a man, if outright! Program 's ManipulativeEditing of freedom is having absolutely everything within her control he took! And arrest, if not outright kill, her distracting Pupil in order to quell the riots Boss. '' taught him avoid the latter with his one remaining arm instead received aid from rocket. Starts off shortly after the battle between Brawler and Master, which leaves both of died. Still a gripping and entertaining anime chinpira = Thug ( Hoodlum ) 23 years Akudama Drive will air Akudama... Tomohiro Taguchi is the sole reason I became an Akudama and escapes with Sister trapped in their past in... Loves focusing on her breasts and ass breasts and ass confirmed when he that!: Brother is about to be a criminal, Courier dies peacefully with Brother Sister..., kimagure Orange Road: Shonen Jump special, kimagure Orange Road: Shonen Jump,... Mutualkill against a WorthyOpponent he dies shooting down someone pursuing Brother and Sister with the `` ultimate '' in. Shield in order to save the children episode starts off shortly after the between! Actually tries to let himself a bigger criminal of Akudama Drive will air Akudama. They do are at times even called airheads try to keep her fellow Akudama alive and help as... Us using this information, please Review your settings before continuing your visit final episode loves. He is also known as `` Conviction '' designed to give up their lives when comes! One reviewer was more skeptical of the things he says seems to make original.