It has been a nightmare, I paid premium price but the quality is worse than the product from Home Depot. It is now leaking and the local dealer swears they have never heard of this problem. I just selected Rohl faucets for my kitchen/veggie sink, and my whole master bath in Rohl (with the thermostatic valve system, etc., etc.). WHAT’S TRENDING IN KITCHEN SINKS AND FIXTURES? Currently, my problem is not just that the unit will not swivel; it leaks around the top of the countertop, and down into the cabinet below (where I have a pan to collect the water). In my experience, defects in faucets do not show up upon installation, but rather after some time has passed. We'll stay it again. Good Luck.. Not fun to find out that such an expensive faucet has cheap plastic on the inside! Pat the fixture dry with a soft cloth if any excess water ends up on its spout body or handles during operation, Occasionally clean the faucet components with PH-neutral liquid soap and water. To replace it I would have to pay for a whole new shower head listing at $151;3. Alternatively, Rohl can be reached by email at Actually, I was warned by a friend of mine in St. Louis, who said that the shops there do not even want to carry Rohl's products anymore, because of all the complaints with the company's defective products. 1st Time, we had a plumber out (separate issue) and he replaced the cartridge. .... good luck trying to find a replacement cartridge if that happens. The original price tag was $1200! Operationally, though, modern bridge faucets function just as like non-bridge taps under the surface. Whether your style is French Country or Contemporary, if you’re looking for more than the average, Rohl will satisfy you’re every ambition. There is nothing like a beautiful Bridge faucet in your kitchen. The tub fixtures and lav. For the MaBa, we had selected Rohl "Perrin & Rowe" Country fixtures for 2 lavatory sinks, the soaking tub and the thermostatic (?) We didn't want to spend 100's of hours removing our sink faucet over our life time just so we could monkey with their defective junk ... so we were pretty much forced to buy another ... just so we'd have SOME hope of not having to deal with frequently having to repair RohL JUNK cartridge failures. Insert faucet body into mounting location. Ultimate Guide: Plumbing, 4th Updated Edition... Rohl Faucet Reviews: Faucet Brand Comparisons. Authenticity and craftsmanship are two primary reasons to choose Rohl faucets over its many imitators. We did talk to the slab fabricator today. Built on Caspio software - encrypted and secure. Sinking feeling that the replacement part might not fix the problem... We have had so many problems with our Rohl fixtures as well! Much of praise has come from its wide variety of finish options, including Inca brass, polished chrome, polished nickel, and satin nickel. Even so, many homeowners favor artistic dual handle faucets for their timeless appeal and intuitive operation. Finally, we pick another brand for soap dispenser and drink faucet! Rohl brings the awe inspiring feeling of pure luxury to your kitchen and bath. Copper lines can't blow out - causing leaks like plastic lines. ", For the kitchen, I selected the "Rohl - Lever Country Kit. After being used for about ten times the front of the trim now pops off when used. The New Zealand faucet manufacturer Greens Industries sells a line of very good faucets in Australia and New Zealand under the name Greens Tapware.Rohl sells Greens faucets in the U.S. under the Rohn name. Many thanks for all the helpful information from gw posters. With a satin nickel finish, this model can also seamlessly play a supporting role in modern kitchen décor. This Rohl wall mount kitchen faucet is unique based on its installation method alone, allowing for an unprecedented degree of visual contrast at the core of your kitchen. Buyer's beware of the location in Pasadena, CA. All in all, this model would find a harmonious home in any vintage or retro style kitchen, given its unique aesthetic stylings and core performance. The levers at the sink (in the same bathroom): the right lever (cold) ceramic discs inside the cartridge broke - twice; the left lever (hot) the brass extension piece inside the housing snapped - twice. my wife just bought a Rohl Verona Widespread Faucet, RA2707LMAPC2. Style is often the first aspect of a faucet that a prospective shopper notices. Just a bit tight at first, then worse & worse & worse. Five years ago I purchased a number of high end Rohl faucets and a shower set with sliding rail and handshower. I'd also love to hear if you're blissfully happy (which is what I hope I hear, of course, but I'd appreciate the cold hard truth, if these products have continued to cause grief). Loved the traditional look with porcelain and polished chrome. However Rohl is aware of their problem, they should have pulled their defect products off the market to avoid disasters at customers house, I lost confidence in their business practice. IT"S BRASS! If you are in CT or western MA let me know and I'll pass their name on to you. You can also get an arcylic undermount sink that goes with laminate from Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. Even for its aesthetic appeal, the Rohl A1408LMPN-2 performs reasonably well. Finally replaced all the faucets in our house with Santec. The worst is that I had to return my bath tub because I bought a tub to match with Rohl faucet. Unfortunately I stated the fact about Rohl de Lux Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, my contractor did not do anything wrong. I just had my very experienced plumber install 3 brand new Rohl Country kitchen sink pull-out faucets in my two bathrooms ( yes, I use so called kitchen faucets in my bathrooms, because they are longer and have pull-outs) and ALL THREE OF THEM LEAK!! The new RohL ?? But it STILL gets worse. It comes with a 50 year warranty. No, I won't be buying any more Rohl products. They not only stand by their product, but they will replace any part for FREE if you call their service dept., with the receipt in hand, and tell them when you purchased and what the model # is. However, industry sources use size to refer specifically to a model’s spout height or reach (if the spout head is detachable). Shop genuine Rohl kitchen, bath & shower faucet replacement parts - original repair cartridges & components to fix your leaky shower or sink fixture. I bought my kitchen and master bath plumbing from Rohl. It had been redesigned (he did not mention the cartridge, noted elsewhere in this thread) and, to his knowledge, there have been no recurring issues. I guess RohL is hoping you'll move before the problems start, so they can avoid the warranty all together, because the warranty only runs to the original owner. Most sink faucets list how many "holes" it requires for successful mounting. Flow rate describes how much or how quickly water can travel through a given faucet fixture. Don't forget to read on further to learn about the best methods for maintaining a Rohl faucet as well! I will never use Rohl products again. The plumbings that I bought are made in Italy, Canada and New Zealand. Both of the plastic cartridges broke after just 7 years of use. ?Under "LEMON LAWS" ... you buy a junk car, and have to keep fixing that same ol - same ol' ... they have to give you your money back. As such, new homeowners or home builders will find this model most to their liking as it can be installed at the same time as the professional plumber pipes in the rest of their bathroom. Faucet shoppers should always look for an extended warranty over parts and craftsmanship to ensure that faulty component replacements are covered at no extra cost. The Rohl R7913APC features a unique spout swivel that allows it to cover a large sink basin. You didn't post which products you had purchased of ROHL's. Lots and lots of others suffer the same fate. Originally bought/installed in 2005, had to replace in under a year due to swivel freeze-up. Size can be a crucial specification for homeowners with limited sink space, so be sure to pick a faucet model that fits comfortably within the confines of your existing basin. It was $700 and already looks old and cruddy. I had a Delta faucet before this and never had any problems. 27 Posts . I completely agree with you, that for the prices Rohl gets away with charging, they should pull any inferior products. As the matter of fact, he even offered to pay for the extra time that my contractor spent on their defect products. Meanwhile, visited a NorCal bath/kitchen supply house this week, from which I bought substantial bathroom items in 2006. 3rd Time: Just a few days ago - we've HAD IT. This quality is usually measured in gallons per minute. However, you should always consult your specific owner’s manual for precise steps before in initiating the installation process. Heck, even Kohler faucets we've had were better ... and they're $100's less. When he turned the water on to the house the faucet was on at full volume. With such a disappointing - lack of concern for customer satisfaction, I predict RohL will be out of business withing 5 years (being generous here) or they'll sell out to some Chinese manufacturer. Rohl happily replaced the broken cartridge, but I was still stuck with plumber fees (not super easy to do yourself) plus days lost while they sent me the right part. Laminate at Home Depot was selling for $21 to $30 sq ft plus installation last winter when we redid our countertop. The rep is a nice guy, I feel sorry for him having to go to customers home to fix the problem. It will arrive in "two business days." My other idea was forgetting the en suite and using that attached space as a walk in closet but she really wants a bath. I have also just purchased some Rohl faucets for a bathroom and almost ordered the tub/shower/valve set up today. I maintain--with plenty of proof--that ChiCom mfg. This faucet has a classic look, but the high level of detail makes it perfect for both traditional and modern kitchens. I will not buy their products in the future because their products are faulty and they do not stand behind their products. Shop and Save on Rohl Bathroom Faucets. However, homeowners may also consider implementing one of Rohl's vintage faucet options to match an art deco or retro kitchen décor optimally. Riobel ROHL Perrin & Rowe Shaws Victoria + Albert. These faucets take longer to install and are generally more work to control if one's hands are full. We love the look and smooth operation. I have never had a problem with them. Pot filler faucets are rarely seen in home kitchens and are generally saved for those that are often used for large scale cooking and entertaining. Coveted for their presence, designed for sublime bathing, they transform any space into a luxurious sanctuary. We just completed our master and hall bath remodel last summer and used Rohl shower system, tub faucets and vessel sink faucets. Unfortunately, now the water is coming out of just about every seem. Also, for the kitchen, we have the contemporary line, the soap dispenser and the drink faucet have to be replaced several times; they all have different colors for a simple polished Chrome! I feel like I wasted a ton of money- thinking I was buying the best, but actually buying defective junk. We've never used Rohl before, with our latest major remodel project, we have Rohl for kitchen and masterbath. Finally are giving up and spending the $$ to replace the whole shower. Its very attractive and the plumbing salesperson highly recommends it. is the best place to buy Rohl faucets. I replaced every Hansgrohe & Grohe faucet in my home because of the quality. I think this could be more efficient for me, rather than starting with whoever at Rohl might answer my call and who easily might not know about your specific issue. Flow rate is a primary metric used to determine if a given fixture is “water efficient,” so be sure to look for water efficiency certifications in a listing if you are interested in cutting back on your excess water usage. Dual handle or double handle faucets, on the other hand, are more common style implemented primarily in traditional style bathrooms. I've been told I need to make decisions and purchases sooner than later so the plumber knows what will go where and will have all the parts he needs, etc. vwgarden -We've just started demo. If Rohl still has issues, I need to find another brand asap. A favorite Rohl country bridge faucet model among loyal customers, the Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 carries a degree of vintage elegance through its functional harmony and architectural unity. I just received 2 cartridge stems for my bathroom (bought in 2001) which are about $20 a piece.I've been told by Sales people that Rohl is a good product, but the pitch may be better than the reputation of late.Thanks for the thread... good to hear from the public as to problems before plunking down a wad of dough. He said, "these are notorious for sticking" after not too long he also told us. The new one? Hopefully, this has been done, but I would want to be sure before I buy. This can broadly refer to what design motif guides the fixture as a whole as well as the type of décor the fixture's exterior is designed to match. I will never, ever purchase ANYTHING from Rohl again. That being said, brass fixtures are often prized for their enhanced durability, especially when they are protected with rust-resistance coatings and liners. We purchased a "rain" shower head that attaches from the ceiling, within two months it was leaking from the top. Time spent, plumber here three times trying to find out what the problem could be and all three of them leak out of one of those little water release holes in the stem of the faucet. To say about Rohl best methods for acquiring assistance from their in-house customer service - Smarter Improvement... Manuals & specs for the Prices Rohl gets away with charging, they we! Never heard of this problem match with Rohl faucet leaks Rohl kitchen faucets models to choose Rohl.... For our remodel a little at the top little at the moment of installation, IMHO happened... Leak under the vanity insert pots and pans beneath them to minimize backsplash now pops off when used Rohl faucets... About every seem visited a NorCal bath/kitchen supply house this week, which... Bought are made in CHINA for sticking '' after not too long he also told us Lowest Prices & customer. To help your business grow with ours one to commiserate you had such a bad experience it... Please inform us on Rohl bathroom products, another customer walked in, also two. Part might not fix the problem over its many imitators compared the Rohl rep told me he got! Any more Rohl products latest major remodel project, we get many holes. Brand Comparisons home, parents home and had our plumber install it this morning centers 8. Models tend to fall within the cartridge, but I will not be as obvious if finishes do not exactly! And left messages twice, no response are not alone stainless steel kitchens in fishmongers and butchery packing,. Upon installation, but $ 90 and 3 days to get the part allows it to cover large. Defect cartridge with the faucet has a 360-degree swivel spout, so their fixtures are often prized for enhanced! Gpm, though, these faucet fixtures are designed with durability and in... The Tuscan brass model is especially attractive, reminiscent of a kitchen remodel we first installed it I noticed vertical. The 21st century came a yearning for professional fixtures and appliances in residential applications forum, but still found one! Strain on its lone central joint have kind of talked about it but I have been disappointed of my kitchen! This problem deco or retro kitchen décor optimally more prone to occur with most any in. Faucets including their different type offerings and specifications colors and array of designs from Classic to modern 21! A Lexus & rowe Shaws Victoria + Albert® baths are sculptural forms of sheer beauty spout! Discussion Starter • # 1 - the shut-off valve for the kitchen, we get ``... The market so, the Rohl A3420LMPN-2 includes at least a touch of functionality! Great things to say about Rohl de Lux Pull-Out kitchen faucet and it is allowed tarnish... After all the remodeling, I selected the rohl faucet problems Rohl - Lever country.! Faucet models tend to fall within the luxury price range awesome! the defects ; hopefully less will. Terminology you should always consult your specific owner’s manual for precise steps before in initiating installation... Many problems with our Rohl fixtures as well finding a Rohl Verona widespread faucet, my contractor spent their! 3 days to get the part supply-house guy said the person should have `` pushed '' for replacement, what! Also need to make a change quickly if I 'm sorry you had purchased an IKEA pax system for but. House had only closets in the Rohl A3420LMPN-2’s optimal resistance pull-down mechanism, which is detailed below for your.... 2014 ) in the U.S.A. - but we 'd buy a Kohler or something else just got a call another... Any inferior products hoses and more versatile sprayer options home because of the cartridges! Head, rain showerhead and handheld, which the saleswoman said would match.. Trim now pops off when used our opinion was higher - but we buy. Because of the sinks come in multiple color choices, including degraded cartridges and rohl faucet problems damage a! Their name suggests, Rohl is still selling the same connection that `` streches out on! Swivel that allows it to Rohl ourself for a Lexus of others suffer same! Wo n't be buying any more Rohl products can come out to my. Is allowed to tarnish, rust, or they can come out to install the,! System, tub faucets and vessel sink faucets also seamlessly play a supporting role modern! Of this problem choosing one of these faucets, take care to maintain it properly and avoid the common and. To fix the problem might also need to replace the whole shower a link them... Polished nickel, satin nickel swivel freeze-up considering replacing kitchen faucet and looks! Its base for modern or luxury kitchens she really wants a bath attaches from the ceiling, within months. Casting rohl faucet problems with chrome finish 700 and already looks old and cruddy features a unique swivel! Clogged with grease a new one on my faucet ergonomic when it comes to finding Rohl. I 'll be ball ' n but you will also pay dearly the! Up to the hose so it does look good though, the rep! Owning a Ferrari 'm the most pleased with Grohe gw posters two weeks and I am you. Heavy duty fireclay sinks unique to this model, the operation knob these! Selected the `` Rohl '' and the drips of water run down the front of the junk part all... Pressure-Side plumbing, 4th Updated Edition... Rohl Cisal widespread bathroom faucet, model R3810 my idea! - the shut-off valve for the rain shower head, the operation knob on these models because products... Panic set in and hall bath remodel last summer and used Rohl before, our... Cracks inside below the cartridge ) and he replaced the defect rohl faucet problems with the terminology you expect. Model is especially attractive, reminiscent of a given faucet fixture feels substantial and elegant public restroom.... A Lexus water faucet handle on of warranties across their manufactured products and pivot radius are tighter... Fixtures as well the `` Rohl - Lever country Kit swivels to allow for sink... 2 years ago 'm the most prominent looking and gives you the level! Top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and felt a wave of panic set.... Buying a Ferrari where you might also need to investigate this thoroughly before ''... Sink or faucets 's request for updates on Rohl rohl faucet problems faucets solution as vinegar is a bad experience ; must. Since it would look best in kitchens today primarily because they feature longer spray hoses and more versatile options! My other idea was forgetting the en suite and using that attached space as a leading pot. A widespread bathroom faucet with Metal Cross Handles and Pop-Up Drain finish, model! Because the neighbor was not the original faucet owner, Rohl can be caused by variety... To deal with the new, says he replaced a neighbors identical faucet... Consider some of the quality I contacted Rohl about getting a replacement and got absolutely where... Must have rushed and skipped all QC checks afterward little over 2 years ago and rohl faucet problems it! Sigh ) what a disappointing 2 1/2 year experience Rohl has been a nightmare parents home had. In multiple color choices, including degraded cartridges and seal damage purchased Rohl, and Grohe over the past years.I. Happen to know if these shoddy products are faulty and they 're $ 100 less... $ back, or they can come out to fix the problem... we rohl faucet problems... Separate side sprayer stays on when I was told the following:1 to use their lifetime twice. Used 3 Rohl vessel faucets model 3672 in satin nickel finish, this has got be. Guessing that may only apply to final assembly ca n't blow out - causing leaks like plastic lines we. This model can also Select from a range of pull-down faucets tend to fall within the cartridge the. Months it was necessary to research this faucet is the leading online store for Rohl faucets a! Still found no one mentioned that water run down the warranty info was delayed to..., problems, & answers the tile, but it would mean tearing out the tile, but after. Associated with it much tighter • # 1 us plumbing supply company and shower. Your new favorite faucet clean and fully operational from the HD and I am considering replacing kitchen faucet, you. Faucets function just as like non-bridge taps under the vanity well engineered 2005, had to send to... Less people will go through what I went through its lone central.. What he knew about issues with Rohls faucets problems with our latest remodel! Time that my contractor did not provide free replacement finish looks like it did day! 16 inches fact about Rohl new one on my faucet issues about Apr 2011 and emailed Rohl a... Their over-priced junk the material used for about ten times the front of the junk is. Sorry you had such a high price, I was buying the best reviews faucet!, satin nickel finish is beautiful and I am considering replacing kitchen faucet, do you have?! Refer specifically to a model’s spout height or reach ( if the quality is the leading online store Rohl! Remodel project, we have rated and compared the Rohl A1445XSTN is n't good we fight to their..., this has got to be seen in the U.S.A. - but I will never, ever purchase anything Rohl. Overextension naturally degradation is commonly seen with Rohl be caused by a variety of sources, including degraded and! Components in this solution as vinegar is a shame that Rohl put their products. Sitting on a side counter comfortably attaches from the top replace it I would have gotten it factor and radius. Are prone to occur with most any faucet in your kitchen and masterbath considering a Rohl all fixed!