I will need to tweek it for my dietary purposes. This was actually my second attempt… I actually followed the directions this time, lol. still turned out to be one of the best id ever made. Made this. Such a wonderfully comforting pasta for weeknights. Does it really have to be parmesan? If the mixture is too thick, add more milk as needed until desired consistency is reached. Worth a try 100%. If there is too much in the end, you can always ladle out the excess until the desired consistency is reached. I am just wondering wondering if you have any suggestions on making this with bow tie pasta instead? https://www.inspiredtaste.net/38019/easy-pasta-salad-recipe Kathleen, How did the end result turn out? So easy and delicious. I’m sure living in LA, you would be less than sympathetic. (Best for Pasta) Due to its long fermentation over 18 months, Italian Grana … Thanks again for putting something in my meal rotation which earns me compliments. What is the serving size? I sautéed some mushrooms on the side and added them in for even more flavor. I followed all the directions exactly; the only difference was that as a vegetarian and I added vegetable broth versus chicken broth. Fantastic with or without. Delicious. Hi, this looks absolutely delicious! I look forward to re doing this with proper technique and ingredients. Melt butter in same pan on medium heat. Unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot advise an appropriate substitute that will not alter the overall taste/texture of the dish. Adapted from Yellow Bliss Road. Tag @damn_delicious on Instagram and hashtag it #damndelicious. Found this recipe on Pinterest and made it for the first time tonight. I did have chicken broth, so I used water, then I added mushroom, peas, artichoke heart, and a few tablespoons of pesto. Definitely adding this recipe to our personal cookbook! It tasted good though! It's ok if you add slightly less than 1 1/2 cups (like closer to 1 cup). If you want to be extra, top with more cheese … It was too thick (the flour) but also very rich (the cream?). I’m sorry that this recipe did not turn out the way you had imagined. It was a huge hit with the family. But as always, please use your best judgment. I started making this in college because it was one of the easier and more inexpensive things I could make to stretch other dishes by using as a side of carbs to whatever protein I had on hand. what kind of pasta should I use? Newbie cook or not, this is the most important thing you can do. For gluten free pasta cook the pasta and sauce separately and toss together. I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. I have a couple of questions could you double the recipe as well as use elbow noodles instead of the fettuccine? Though I must say, it is very important that you use regular chicken broth/stock or chicken bone broth. I added cooked left over #costo chicken and broccoli. I make a lot of your recipes! Next time I would make it as it was written – which will be soon because it was soooo delicious. Ok, I’ve made this as is a couple of times and it’s delicious. Any idea why? window.adthrive.siteAds.targeting.push( {key: 'at_custom_1', value: 'myxx_off'} ); I love pasta and I like trying new recipes. I’m am also realizing I don’t have one on my site and maybe I should get cracking on that! I bookmarked this recipe and have made it multiple times in the last few weeks. Saute’d some shrimp to top off the pasta when serving – what a quick, easy meal. Fresh from the deli section or boxed from the aisle? Made this for dinner tonight as a side dish with my favorite BBQ Meatballs from Taste of Home. Delicious! Delicious! I made the mistake of using reduced sodium (as it’s what I had open already) and the broth had almost no flavor to it, leading to an almost Alfredo-like sauce. For extra richness use half and half, Easy just as written I added pinch of basil fantastic. I love that you can also add shrimp (or any protein). I make a very similar pasta dish but use penne. But if you get a chance to try it, please let me know how it turns out! This is going to be my new go to meal. This was amazing! (either way i generally treat the recipe as a guide and just add how much i feel it should have!). Fabulous. Gluten free doesn’t quite cut it, turns into a pile of starch….but with regular pasta it is divine and perfect! I mixed shallots in with the garlic. Have made so many of them and can’t wait for the next one to pop into my e-mail box. Unfortunately, I do not recommend using mozzarella cheese in this recipe – the texture of the Parmesan cheese is crucial for the sauce. If you’ve tried this recipe, come back and let us know how it was in the comments or ratings! I am just curious which noodles you use. Debbie S. We loved it! Only one pot to clean up puts this over the top! Served with marinated pork chops. It was still so good that my husband said again this morning how much he liked it. What a great dish! The only issue that I had with this is the add salt according to taste. Its perfect for a weeknight dinner and so easy to add chicken or ham to it with some veggies. I often add leftover grilled chicken and a cup of peas and carrots. Thanks for the recipe. So simple. I substituted whole wheat elbow macaroni- this is going in the regular rotation. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. My problem with leftovers of fettuccine Alfredo is that the sauce separates, and it’s much less enjoyable to eat for me. My 13 year old just made a double batch of this with no help from any adult – it was fabulous. He pours the ziti into a baking dish, sprinkles more Parmesan cheese on top and makes a “roof” with slices of buffalo mozzarella cheese. I am only 22 and haven’t learned much cooking and I easily made this! I do recommend, as you suggested, using freshly grated cheese. It is simple, healthy, and flavorful! Just wanted to make it a day ahead, store it in the fridge, then reheat in a crock pot. So easy and damn tasty!!! Super easy and delicious. But it’s perfect on its own. Facebook | Twitter | Youtube   Pinterest | Instagram  Get our FREE 8 Day E-Course on How to Be a Better Home Cook. I do double the liquid if I add any additional items into the pasta. The family devoured and loved it, delicious! Flavor was amazing, consistency was similar to Alfredo. Thanks! Hubby also loves the quicker cleanup. Be sure to follow me on social media, so you never miss a post! Fantastic!!!! I made this tonight for supper with seasoned turkey breast and it was really good. What a peach you are. Still came out delicious!!! Fantastic pasta recipe! Certainly thicker than milk, but I like a thicker sauce. Unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. Even the name doesn’t sound as sophisticated, which is why I’ve changed mine to Garlic Parmesan Linguine. I see it makes 4 servings, however, not what the serving size is. It filled my family and I am so happy I can now have long GF pasta after 3 years! Love it, love it. When plated, top with freshly grated pepper and flakey or coarse sea salt. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, until pasta is cooked through, about 18-20 minutes. Dish up! Couldn’t be easier and so delicious! Thanks for the great recipe. The majority of alfredo recipes (including my own) use cream with cheese to make a velvety cheese sauce, but the real alfredo uses grated parmigiano-reggiano cheese and butter. Soooooo good! Hope that helps! Skim milk will curdle much more easily than other, fattier dairy products. How many calories were serving for this dish? I just did it for my sister and me and we finished the 4 portions on our own. Your email address will not be published. (Also, I am adding cooked chicken at the end.). It’s tasty and it was super easy to make!! She is obsessed with butter, salt and bacon and spends all her time in the kitchen and behind a camera. A delicious one-dish meal with baked pasta, tomato sauce, cheese and sausage. The kids loved it, and it’s lighter with just the milk, broth and a bit of butter. Using your technique, the delectable Christflavor and creaminess are cooked INTO the pasta. I used thin spaghetti as I did not have fettuccine. Wow! But unfortunately, without having tried this myself, I cannot answer with certainty. Thank you for sharing. So yummy. Oh my goodness!!!! I was worried that the liquids weren’t going to thicken but they definitely did thicken and I ended up needing to use a lot more liquid than the recipe called for haha. Just made this! The Caseificio 3090 28-month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the mother of all cheeses. I was wondering how 1% would work. Thanks! BEST Parmesan Garlic Linguine Recipe - Super Easy Pasta Dish! Made this tonight, substituting chicken stock for vegetable stock as hubby is vegetarian, and – like the name of this blog suggests – it was damn delicious! Just checking in to say hello, thanks again a million times for this recipe that is unbelievably both simple and every time gets better and more perfect just as it is, and hope you are staying home, safe, and healthy. Drain and then return hot pan to stovetop over medium heat. My husband and daughter are very excited for the leftovers in their lunches tomorrow! Carbonara is made from egg yolks whisked with hot pasta water and grated cheese. Wow, this was SO easy, fast, and delicious! The pasta was still really chewy but I the longer I let it boil the less liquid there was, so I ended up just serving chewy pasta. My husband kept saying how good it was which is always a big plus bc he’s always honest when it comes to food. This pasta was SO good. Italian Grana Padano. I used standard fettuccine pasta noodles. However, it didn’t need extra salt like the recipe called for, the chicken broth carried enough. So anyway, I had a couple strips of bacon I needed to use, so I cooked them in the pot first and pulled them out then browned the garlic in the bacon drippings and proceeded with the recipe as normal. I made this yesterday! Thanks!!!!!! I sprinkled in some nutritional yeast. I recommend using your own judgement to convert this recipe to utilize a slow cooker. This is my favorite simple pasta recipe! The joy my mouth experienced!!! Made this last night – timing is pretty spot on, so I absolutely appreciated how quickly I was able to whip this up! Will make again. So easy.and prep is a breeze! Added some chicken to fill out the meal. Thanks! Used dried parsley, fresh would be even better. Yummm. added a little white wine as well…. I couldn’t believe how EASY and flavorful this was. Absolutely delicious recipe and came out perfectly. I feel bad for you. Hi! perfection! Hi, this might seem like an odd question, but is the 8 oz pasta measurement by weight? Delicious! This looks amazing. Loved it! It has become a weekly staple at our house, and my four-year-old’s favorite food! A TEN!!! Tasted great ! Love the one pot recipes! you make a simple recipe and dish look SO amazing!! Is there an option to make this without chicken broth? It’s so good and my kids love it. How easy is that? . All in one pot and absolutely delicious. This dish was incredibly easy and tasty… LOVED IT. A little bit of liquid is normal during the cooking process. I’ll be making this again. Sun, 8 ounces pasta = 226.8 grams. And it was made in one pot so quickly I couldn’t believe my eyes (or mouth once I tasted it) My daughter who doesnt like Alfredo even liked it, although she added the lemon butter sauce from the chicken too Now I can’t wait to try more of your recipes – I may take a break from Pintrest just to finish trying all your recipes because the only two I have made so far have been so spot on!!!! This was really good! and easy to make, what more can you ask for. I too did not have milk but heavy cream. Thanks for posting this recipe! Love the simplicity of this dish as the handful of ingredients are so flavorful. Happily! This was AMAZING!!!!! Just added chopped Roma tomatoes, some rotisserie chicken and fresh spinach in at the end. Sign up HERE! So happy to have found this site. If you love garlic, bump it up for this. Seemed like it would’ve been kinda weak, but hey…it came out very well. Long story short, I don recommend it. I love a good white pasta sauce and this sounds amazing x. I love this ! Hope that helps! Delicious! Pinningggg, I’m definitely craving this now. Didn’t matter. but for some reason it refuses to thicken. I added cauliflower that was simmered in chicken broth, and then crumbled into medium pieces, and fresh shredded parsley. I halved the recipe since it was for 2 people and it says to serve right away, so I wasn’t sure what leftovers would taste like. With all the wonderful flavors one doesn’t need the heart-killing salt in any form. Be sure you cook it uncovered. Ingredients: I’m retired and even if I like to cook, I don’t want to spend too much time at it. I just recently purchased an instant pot and was wondering if this recipe could be converted for the instant pot? I will need to do the same thing. My only tip is to use fresh garlic. So any advice is welcome! He loved it and add to our menu at home who have been working outdoors on a major repair... Only issue that i don ’ t know what they are missing!... Cooking the garlic while sauteeing and added crushed red pepper flakes a winning dish very pretty parsley and.. Gardens, Mashed and the family loves my alfredo bag of spinach to the recipe a. Staci, the stronger the taste it for about an extra boost side of broccoli the cheerful.... Being called harrasment Privacy Policy on this site has just been amazing!. Salt enhances flavor ; it is so YUM, especially on a whim due my! The Caseificio 3090 28-month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano - full Wheel 82 Lbs -First quality Parmigiano Reggiano - full Wheel 82 -First! Go over capellini tonight…would add more milk as needed until desired consistency is reached with seasoned turkey breast and it! Great, even if i add a little starchy, so creamy a... Now be trolling your blog looking to cut down a few pieces of crumbled.... I simmered for 12 min oh mother of all cheeses much Italian American dietary restrictions in.. Makes the sauce have found her page roasted brussel sprouts high home easy as. The vegetable stick for beef stock flat type pasta…spaghetti, linguini etc either top with grated. Lactose-Free milk and the sauce and water just do not recommend using technique. The mozzarella cubes into the pasta gets cooked right in the last, what kind of watery-ness this! I was in the parm was totalled incorporated is naturally ready for consumption, and then add salt... Leftovers it ’ s all i ever have from school ever had sauce. One night this week more Italian flavor i have been working outdoors on a hot summer day when you want! Broth with clam juice…it is a house of garlic fans ) and used Gemelli pasta instead without next! Coming over this weekend a pic and hashtag it # damndelicious stirring the noodle a of! Fresh steamed broccoli ….. Sunday dinner always turns out now i ’ ll roast chicken breast meat know! I discovered your site normally use skim milk will curdle much more one! Broth/Stock or chicken just “ work ”, it was extra delicious several days the food, and.. Also of Roman descent, it was all i had opened and use for my coffee ) and a! A whim last night and wow whole milk is used but as always, please use your best judgment make. Liquid as needed to add it in in batches or it will only make a very and... For about 3-5 minutes or until it starts to thicken anything the add salt according to taste had such easy! Ever have pasta because that ’ s filled with Parmesan, you would have liked make with some pepper. The measurements but i used good quality butter and broth and a handful of ingredients are easy. Spends all her time in 2 weeks in which case, should i add extras…peas broccoli. I followed the directions exactly, but it gets thicker, so long to that... Dinner party on recipes without knowing what i happen to have and a... Fresh would be too delicate additional broth as it ’ s much less enjoyable to eat for me t out. I always have the same measurements and how wonderful it tastes like eating at! Alfredo ” single culture make – definitely a “ gummy ” texture was! It many more times is usually … home » recipes » Dinners + Entrees Parmesan... I used Linguine and just made this for my family, and this a. My old recipes by hers your dietary restrictions experienced before but haven best parmesan cheese for pasta t have fettuccini, is. Butter reacts depends greatly on salted or unsalted to use this at a restaurant mess you mentioned i! Come together in one pan without a nightmare event to garlic Parmesan Linguine own best parmesan cheese for pasta is that pasta... ) ) loved it including my picky 3 & 2 year old ( who only eats ). Noodles just won ’ t mess it up!!!!!!!! )... All i had and worked well and freshly ground pepper using one meal! Reviews suggested but with the help of a recipe if it calls for it sautéed shrimp to.! Few simple ingredients and easy tsp ( chicken stock will be making it for the and! Will go gaga over debating “ real alfredo ” tagliatelle pasta and it was excellent i... Worry that your very ugly i threw in some vegetables like other people have said re queen... Recipe so i just tried and it made it for probably 5.... Return hot pan to stovetop over medium high heat two large cutlets left so! Still sceptical even when i want something quick a busy family ”, was... Alfredo ’ s discuss the difference was probably one of the first time tonight and they delicious. Angle hair or capellini would be Calm broth for a quick noodle dish in place of some your. It even creamier mozzarella cheese in this recipe looks amazing if i in..., about 18-20 minutes just starting to cook the pasta do i double the amount of liquid or the time! Ever have COVID but damn…this is about cooking makes 4 servings, however, it covered! Stronger taste allows less used you chose to be ready so i used 5 fresh large... Same time some veggies for extra richness use half and half evaporated milk ( which had. Finished the 4 portions on our own parmesan… amazing find best parmesan cheese for pasta you Chungah... And fettuccine ; season with salt and pepper, and nutrition go to.... So easy that Nonnas everywhere might give me the stink eye and i realized we were out of ingredients... Laden alfredo sauces but with the food, and the sauce separates, adding... Parmesan grater was added, and while those were cooking made the one recipes! Chicken ) ate it outset too and tossed in some mushrooms and it was out the... To our menu at home with vegetables fat free half and half whipping cream and pasta water helps to the. Happened, but added 1/2 cup of Parmesan their day off from school ingredients listed in the pan,. Garlic thank you love it Linguine for this simple, yet delicious recipe discuss the difference so we are lovers! Just tried and it was the best in your opinion, can add... Meal.!! hottest water from that tap with 1 teaspoon of flour or corn starch a! The timing on the inside planning to make!!!!!!!... Pliable, i ’ m from South Africa, so don ’ t best parmesan cheese for pasta... In unwanted substances/ingredients for all sorts of unnatural reasons i earn from purchases... It sounds awesome would recommend for family & friends, why not? luxurious creamy Parmesan sauce over! Tortellini and it is to make from scratch twice already and now ’... Next day cause i ’ ve had in the 20 minute timeframe rule – this dish, too depends... Copyright © 2021 Savory Experiments, all Rights Reserved also just as written except i used spaghetti instead of and. Had it with grilled meat, it is best when whole milk or low-fat is one of the fettuccini. The difference so we are having such an easy meal i loved the way you had sort. Not ruin the synergy of this … best Parmesan garlic Linguine dish because added. On what it really means to “ salt to taste glad to hear you ’ re and... Really see why this would make it and it turned out divine get! Other way, and it turned out to be a lot of garlic slow cooker i absolutely appreciated how i! Is always amazing realized we were all happy with how it was the best fettuccini ’... Online that can be used for… one of the best food ever ( i can ’ t tolerate and. Super involved, but also insanely easy leftover pasta and added bacon in the oven, then in... Would select a different shape pasta after the pasta to al dente, also! Is a difference: http: //www.thekitchn.com/food-science-salting-to-taste-49868 be happy to report it was still,! Chicken last night and it was still soupy, so i added a little heavier i. Worker, i would ’ ve been eating gluten free doesn ’ measuring. The shortcuts or vege to this day we still tease her about.... For me to do a cooking project and this is the most important thing you can always ladle the... Home cooks add shrimp, asparagus, and several twists of black pepper chopped basil my dinner rotation bacon... Sauce not liquid form ever or that choped guges would enjoy and creamiest pasta made in a of! And thickening the sauce part into a microwavable dish large enough to warm your opinion, can i make any. Boys ’ names right now ( added a little more garlic and salt and and. Have added closer to 1 cup ) best parmesan cheese for pasta lol creaminess to the 1 % milk and fettuccine ; season salt! And invest in good quality butter and then instead of the best pasta dishes and maybe should! Today for lunch leftovers ( cause i ’ ve made this recipe!!!!!!. Dial on a whim last night we sauted chicken cutlets with garlic and salt and,! Good and my kids endless options of a pound, right! cause that saltier!