Several answers to questions could provide clarity to the 2020 elections. Democrats continue to offer solutions while Republicans continue to be indifferent to the suffering, the hunger, and homelessness of their citizens. And Congress agrees. The most guarded human being on the planet couldn’t even protect himself and negligently risked exposure to his own family and others. While open speech and responsibility are encouraged, comments may be rejected if they are purely a personal attack, offensive or repetitive. Comments are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Orleans Hub. Despite the clear, distinct, and harsh rivalry America and Japan had as a result of this attack, today, we remain some of the strongest allies to each other. Sickest of all: Us. There is a food pantry at Zion Lutheran Church in Gasport that is open once per month. Unfortunately most politicians do. It is my condensed blueprint for a safer community and better Orleans County Sheriff's Office. Since losing the election Donald Trump (in nothing more than a middle school sore-loser-hissy-fit) has responded to this public health emergency how? They have been talking about take over for decades; finally they had a President who would use them to hold power. Why wasn’t the constitution followed regarding changing of election laws? Have we learned nothing? Ending your ability to have a livelihood is all that matters. I write all Trump followers to call attention to lessons learned from John Adams. Until this day all was being structured and postured as a cover story for Trump to perpetuate his lies. Please limit the length of your letter (we suggest no more than 500 words) and provide your name, telephone number, mailing address and a verifiable email address for verification purposes. Within it you will find profiles of five exceptionally talented artists as well a dynamic art dealer. In conclusion, this excerpt taken from “NYS Conduct of Public Meeting” expresses my objective in that proper procedure “results in proper accord for the rights of all parties, a better airing of public opinion on community issues, and ultimately greater public confidence in the decisional process.”, (Richardson is a member of the Barre Town Board.). As the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine continues to accelerate in the months to come, I hope we can look to the future with hope and look back at these times in the same way we look at the sacrifices made by our greatest generation during World War II, as people changed the way they live for the sake of their neighbors and their country. Counter to current trends … Continue reading "Letter from the Editor" So now we have the $906 billion relief bill that is not ideal and will not meet the needs of those suffering from forced unemployment but it is better than nothing so Democrats will support this bill but Republicans still reject it. Liberals, after all, make no mistakes. Please include your daytime phone number for verification. Pelosi has rebuked her several times but she still wields a degree of power. Mr. Jacobs wasn’t worried about adding billions to the national debt in 2017 when he and his family businesses took a large tax break without adding to the economy (NPR 12/20/19, and Business Insider 12/22/19). If we knew then what we know now about the prosecutorial underhanded and sometimes illegal tactics, Flynn would have never been convicted. I do not recall Mr. Cropsey faulting Obama 4 years ago. Sicker: Covid-19. Focused on his imperial whims and beliefs and political perception he became involved in disbanding the Army. The Country has, however, spent 219 years undoing what it learned from his approach to governing as being counter to maintaining a functioning Republic. We as Town Board members know that this is a controversial topic, one that our community is passionate about on both sides. A meeting announced and advertised in advance, and open to the public, with the public given an opportunity to talk, participate and express their opinions, support or concerns. Three writers to the Hub with some serious Trump Derangement Syndrome will maybe focus on some other subject matters. Wartime tactics like these aren’t seen often, and aren’t publicized the way Pearl Harbor was; and to know that there were still soldiers, sailors, airmen, nurses and civilians fighting through those wee hours in the morning to get to another day, to save their fellow American, and to push back against aggression, is something worth remembering. It is hard to expect people to read and understand all the cases demonstrating Trump is, pure and simple, a uniquely unsuccessful shill. These pages will feature the words and works of a diverse selection of artists from diverse backgrounds in each quarterly issue. Letters should be e-mailed to managing editor Donna Tunney at Something where we wouldn’t have time to bury the dead let alone whine about toilet paper or argue about wearing masks? How crooked are the Democrats and seal their fate. We appreciate input from our readers, and we publish letters to the editor without charge. What I would like in 2021 is to see the ability to adapt to changing circumstances displayed by the people of our state emulated within our state government. They trot out a sacrificial lamb every four years to run against Cuomo and complain about how bad things are, then they disappear until the next election. Come as is there were no other President than came before he. Two things, said the Speaker. And just in case, any other problem arose. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will thrive under Biden. Local artists who’ve done the hard work of decorating Carnival can usually be found somewhere on a blanket in the grass, … Continue reading "Letter from the Editor" Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help “Give me more time, the wall is in sight”. Retired American History teacher, Doug Miller, is right on point. No, I think not. What I mean is that as the President confers pardons, the people who receive them are guilty! Meanwhile, this butcher’s bill rises exponentially and out of control with barely a whimper from Republicans elected to serve their constituents. The fact that there will soon be a vaccine when nearly half the country still thinks our elected leaders have properly done their jobs means simply one thing: that we have dodged a bullet. Stocked in delusion, the GOP hadn’t cared, In belief that Trump, would always be there, The sycophants were nestled, all smug in their seats, With visions of a candidate, who couldn’t be beat, But something happened, the news did shout. Free speech is the enemy of the State. Trump supporters are a movement that the Dems can not break. Thomas P. Bossert, Homeland Security Adviser to President Trump, wrote in a NYT op-ed. Let’s all do our best permit Biden to rebuild just like Jefferson did in 1801. We should be talking with local stakeholders in these industries and talk about how they can do more, not less, business in our state, and what we can do to support their success in terms of both fiscal and regulatory policy. Make no mistake. The best method to protect your mailbox during the winter months is to ensure it is properly attached to the post and to keep the mailbox assembly simple to limit impact surface area for plowed snow. Town of Barre Definitions 350-98 – PUBLIC HEARING. I was not encouraged. Fortunately for America many (including myself) woke up to that fact in time for 2020. She was always a person who cared for others. Back in January of this year, 22 families used this critical service. We reserve the right to edit letters for content and brevity. Unemployment is up and food distribution is up. Undoubtedly the new administration will come up with excuses and a newer version of “the new normal” in order to rationalize their failures. Democrats have passed three bills, with bipartisan support, that improve voting security but have not been given a hearing in Senate. Press releases that Mr. Jacobs has issued feign concern while citizens of the district suffer. Gotta love those Trump conservative values. The success of Baton Rouge businessman John Miller's proposal to base a new regional airline at Armstrong International Airport Today, China got its gift with a pull out of Somalia. With all the negativity and anxiety that has run rampant through the public consciousness in the last year, as we move into 2021, I think we should look back at 2020 and take pride in the strength we showed as a people. They all have done this for friends can’t you see. dba, A proud member of LION Publishers – supporting local, independent online news", After failure of Trumpism, take back our nation from right-wing thugs, Police treated Trump supporters who stormed Capitol differently than BLM protestors, Capitol insurrection shows Trump cult run amok, Jacobs is right to want answers in presidential election, Democratic leaders in 27th District condemn Jacobs for opposing electoral certification, Developer premature because new state siting process not in place for large energy projects, Hawley says communities showed resilience in 2020, poised for much better 2021, Poetic verses can’t elevate a failed president, Kendall woman who sent Santa to see kids in quarantine has long cared for others, In cyberattack against U.S., Republicans decline to denounce Russia, Next four years could be rough in ‘new normal’ under Biden administration, Support the new president as he seeks to rebuild our democracy, Republicans should join Democrats in approving Covid-19 relief package. That eventually encouraged our enemy, the British, to think they could successfully invade which, in part, resulted in the War of 1812. Why would your party remove poll watchers if everything is above board? With Pelosi’s control deteriorating it is certainly going to be an interesting four years. It is, however, an unfortunate consequence of snow removal. Comments are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Orleans Hub. This is a day of remembrance: for what followed, absolutely, but also in recognition of the brave heroes who fought in the face of true adversity, in the face of a complete surprise, in the face of losing everything in an instant. Fax to (504) 828-1385 or e-mail to Congratulations to the New York State Republican Party on becoming New York’s largest third party! Accidents are generally caused by drivers who fail to drive appropriately for winter conditions. The votes are all in, only one thing to tally. 2021 might end up being the best year we’ve seen in a long time, but only if the Legislature learns from its mistakes and acts with the same toughness and adaptability the people of our state have. Even when bare roads can be obtained, weather conditions such as wind and rapidly dropping temperatures can alter highway conditions dramatically from one area to the next. (12/18/20) “President Trump is on the verge of leaving behind a federal government, and perhaps a large number of major industries, compromised by the Russian government.”. If there aren’t enough Republicans in the House signing the discharge petition, how is that Democrats’ fault. Still, after spending billions upon billions of dollars and despite the collective efforts of the greatest scientific minds on Earth, there remains no vaccine. But November was big! As the President hands out pardons one thing is important to keep in mind – pardons are not only “conferred” but also presumed to be “accepted.” Innocent people do not need pardons. (Hawley represents the 139th District, which consists of Genesee, Orleans and parts of Monroe County. © 2021 Albion-Holley Pennysaver, Inc. Washington, Jefferson, and our other founders knew a democracy needed to be nurtured to survive and flourish. Governor Cuomo has New York State in the red financially and it will take money to establish new departments. Republicans are silent about Russia putting a bounty on American and allied forces in Afghanistan. December 2008 issue.We are natives of New Orleans who now live in St. Genevieve, Mo. Why do certain states have a large amount over votes? Werts had three touchdown runs and threw a 65-yard scoring pass to help Georgia Southern beat Louisiana Tech 38-3 in the New Orleans Bowl on Wednesday. Try to keep letters to fewer than 150 words. While open speech and responsibility are encouraged, comments may be rejected if they are purely a personal attack, offensive or repetitive. It is true that small businesses and restaurants are financially suffering as well as government at all levels. Just ask the three writers Mr. Urbanik refers to below. This is characteristic of true democratic leadership that Adams was not up to. ‘End the pandemic,’ is all that we asked. Now think about this: astonishingly, Trump hasn’t even met with his own Covid-19 Task Force in nearly six months! America’s third-largest party is ready to emerge as the next major party and work with Democrats and Republicans alike to implement policies that will increase everyone’s access to the American Dream and achieve liberty and justice for all Americans. Beijing Joe, the “Big Guy” when not getting his cut. So, the vaccine that could never be developed in time under Trump actually was. In 8 years Obama granted 1,927 (including Chelsea Manning and the reduction of 504 life sentences for particularly violent offenders). What is the exact reasoning behind that move? But I think it’s important to remember why these guidelines are in place. And because “her guy” won the election, she has now started thinking about the American people?

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