A reader of FotM, “Wish,” warns us about chicken jerky strips sold in Costco. Federal health officials are warning pet owners to be cautious about feeding their dogs jerky treats as they continue to investigate a treat-related illnesses that … I was able to find a couple made in the USA, and those are the ones I buy. They have the United States so paralyzed, we cannot do anything for ourselves. At least 360 dogs have died of 2,200 that have fallen ill after consuming these products. Instruction for DIY Chicken Treats: Step 1: Preheat oven to 200 degrees. 690 – 695 are all MADE IN CHINA. They wouldn’t have been my choice of treats, and… Read more ». First three digits of UPC bar code tells country of origin. The numbers are in the thousands for all of the dogs that have died from chicken treats from China. Download. We don’t know about you, however, when our dogs give us ‘the look’ – (you know, the look with those … Read more Best Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs. My vet advised that although vendor packaging may say “Made in America” some parts of the manufacturing process and/or ingredients came from China, so when in doubt, don’t purchase. Or better yet take them back to the store and tell them you read this letter and those Chicken jerky treats from Costco are killing family pets my Dog SNICKERS. Even the packaging is 100% USA. Illnesses can be reported to the FDA’s Pet Food Complaint site. China’s purchase of iconic U.S. Smithfield Foods raises food safety questions. Amazon's Choice for chicken jerky dog treats. FDA officials say they have not been able to find a cause for the illnesses. (471 is… Read more », Thank you, Elaine, for your counsel. The agency last spring inspected five Chinese plants that made jerky treats. https://www.prouddogmom.com/homemade-chicken-jerky-recipe-dogs I have also been told by the representative at a very premium (No Purina!!) This is probably the easiest homemade dog treat recipe you can make for your dog. My beautiful dog passed away last week from kidney failure due to giving her these treats.Worst experience ever. Senator Calls FDA on the Carpet with Chinese Jerky Treats. All of this by design of course. On Feb. 6, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown sent a letter to Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, urging the FDA to promptly pursue efforts to find the contaminant in these pet treats and ensure that they are pulled from store shelves. THIS WE ARE NOT ABLE TO KNOW!!! We started making our own Chicken Jerky after we ran across the FDA warning of 2008 about Chinese chicken treats making dogs sick or killing them. Well, when no one is looking anyway. Made-in-China home appliances contain spy chips I don’t know about apple sauce, but most of our apple juice comes from either China or Argentina. There’s no manufacturing, no additives, and no strange chemicals aside from the ones put into the feed for chickens by the corporate meat industry. Tina, I definitely agree that we need to take the manufacture of our dogs’ treats back from China. 99 ($0.60/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Despite extensive investigations, the cause remains elusive. animals may be stricken with a range of illnesses within days or hours of eating chicken jerky, including kidney failure and Fanconi syndrome, a condition characterized by low glucose. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/05/18/microwave-hazards.aspx I would question the use of Saran wrap as well, especially if you keep the Saran wrap on the meat as you nuke it. , It is not necessary to cook meat for animals. All you need is just one ingredient. Bag. Contact your Representatives in Congress… Read more », Just look at the tiny lettering at the bottom of the package (you ususally need eyeglasses or magnifiers to read it) and most pet treat products are made China. The agency also has received reports of nine illnesses in cats, including one death, the FDA said. However, not all chicken jerky … The tainted treats caused illnesses in dogs and cats, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported they collected over 4,800 complaints … http://www.peteden.com Pet Eden is dedicated to providing the finest pet products and superior customer service. The new figures come less than a week after two of the largest retailers of pet chicken jerky treats issued voluntary recalls of several popular brands after New York state agriculture officials detected unapproved antibiotics in the products. Why not give them real meat?” Go to your pantry and your cupboards and throw them away right now. Take a look at the evidence of factory farmed meat and purchase local, organically raised chickens, grass fed beef, etc and avoid the crap that the meat industry puts in the feed of these animals. More than 1,140 dogs have died after eating jerky pet treats, out of 6,200 cases of jerky-related canine illness reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2007 to December 31, 2015. Officials with China’s regulatory agency, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, or AQSIQ, suspended the firm’s export certificate as a result of the March 2012 inspection. 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,501. Dog treats are expensive and some of the ingredients are not natural ingredients in a dogs diet. Symptoms may include decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhea, increased water consumption and increased urination. How to Make Chicken Jerky for Dogs (1 Ingredient) If you want to treat your dog something that they will absolutely love without paying a dear price, you may want to learn how to make this jerky. I’ll be eagle-eyeing the barcode label, henceforth. The link is: https://on.msnbc.com/vKKHKK Personally, I think the number of dogs sick this year is well over one thousand from the number of websites I’ve visited where I have seen dogs that are ill or that have died being discussed. Please don’t lose anymore family pets due to buying something that we now know is causing harm and killed my dog. To all of you buying Costco Chicken jerky Treats from Costco. I agree with June, that a lot of products are manufactured outside of the U.S., but if they are “assembled” here, they can state they were made in the USA. https://rawfeddogs.net/ for info. Now, inspection reports released about the fifth site, Yantai Aska of Yantai, China, shows that plant officials falsified records regarding imports of glycerin, a key component in the jerky treats. So far, though, FDA has not been able to confirm a link between the treats and the ailments. I bought frozen breaded north altantic cod only to find out it came from China. Now, it’s rising again. My apologies. On Feb. 6, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown sent a letter to Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, urging the FDA to promptly pursue efforts to find the contaminant in these pet treats and ensure that they are pulled from store shelves. Burned down by WordPress 8-15-2018 with 63M hits. It was on Fox news earlier that 70 dogs have died as a result of eating chicken jerky treats made from chicken that has come from China. Our products are the only Maine Made, American Made, chicken jerky produced from whole restaurant quality chicken breasts containing NO Additives and NO Preservatives. There is evidence that already 30,000 years ago, the Neanderthals made jerky from the mammoth they hunted.¹ This suggests that they must have underst… All food should have were it comes from. Update: U.S. I am almost certain it is something the Chinese are feeding the poultry used for their treats. Chicken Jerky - Gunook - Leben - 2020. Extensive chemical and microbiological testing has failed to turn up a specific contaminant and officials did not identify a specific brand of treats. I think I am even sadder and more devastated now that I know the probable cause of her death. Step 3: Slice the chicken breast into 1/8 inch thick strips. Made-in-China jerky treats kill 600 dogs in U.S. China’s purchase of iconic U.S. Smithfield Foods raises food safety questions, RINO Romney wants to give parents taxpayer dollars to raise “our society’s children”, You can’t make this up: Hunter Biden to write a memoir, “Beautiful Things”, How to survive Joe Biden’s destruction of America, Founder of NeverTrumper organization, Lincoln Project, preys on young men — and the Hollyweirdos who support him, Climate Czar Kerry contributing his life to save the planet, 1984 has come to real life: NY Times wants #NotMyPresident to appoint “reality” czar to fight misinformation, Remarkable video of cheetahs cuddling and sleeping with man, Heckuva job Mayor Lightfoot: Chicago sees 51 homicides in January, highest in 4 years, Coverup? HOWEVER – even some of those made here, some of the ingredients are imported! FDA officials will continue to investigate animal illnesses tied to jerky treats. All America has ever done is trust these countries and believe everything they say to us, even if we saw a knife in one hand, while they were shaking our hand with the other one! IDIOTS!! That’s up from 54 reports of illness in 2010. Bag. IE 11 is not supported. Is the memory of the American people so short and defective? Read your labels and the fine print! FREE Shipping by Amazon. This is just another example of what all of the ridiculous regulations from the (Commie) U.S. govt have created. Just prepare for some wiggle butts!!! We had to make them super wholesome as our 3 Pomeranians… Read more », There is a NEW article (December 28, 2011) on MSNBC which reports that the FDA is now saying that 353 dogs have gotten sick or died from eating Chinese chicken treats this year. At least 70 dogs have been sickened so far this year after reportedly eating chicken jerky products imported from China, FDA officials said. Chicken jerky sounds like it would be a tasty treat for your pooch. JoNel Aleccia reports for MSNBC, Nov. 21, 2011: Chicken jerky treats may be to blame for dozens of new reports of mysterious illnesses and some deaths in dogs, prompting a renewed warning for pet owners by the Food and Drug Administration. Not always on package. As individuals and as a business (TriPom Chews) that makes SAFE, real ‘American Made’ chicken jerky, we educate people on the dangers of Chinese treats and commend, and fully support, Sen. Brown’s efforts. We use only USDA fresh chicken breast to make our chicken jerky. Since 2007, the agency has warned consumers several times that jerky treats are not necessary for pet health and that eliminating them won’t harm animals. Officials weren’t allowed to take samples for testing. Better to purchase quality meat… Read more », Thank you, Mandy! Abby was only 7. Dog owners and vets are reporting that animals may be stricken with a range of illnesses within days or hours of eating chicken jerky, including kidney failure and Fanconi syndrome, a condition characterized by low glucose. — and then carry out the boycott. Some of the dogs have died, according to the anecdotal reports from pet owners and veterinarians. China has an abysmal track record in counterfeit products — including fake pet food (that killed American dogs and cats), fake drugs, fake milk and infant formula (that have killed Chinese babies), fake rice (mixed with plastic pellets, I kid you not), and the latest, fake electronics in U.S. weapons which endanger the lives of our troops.