I have a 2014 Kia Soul with only 140,000kms that just had this issue. Originally, the plaintiff had to pay more than $600 to fix the Tucson, notes the complaint. I took a very large loss on trade in for a new 2016 Santa fe. Hopefully a class action lawsuit will force Hyundai and Kia to resolve this serious issue. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I have 2016 Kia Sorento 2.0l. We offered to show a record of maintenance and it didn’t matter. Hyundai reaches agreement in Canadian class action litigation following restatement of fuel economy. I started to diagnose my issue and found that the #3 cylinder connecting rod bearing had spun on it’s self and stopped my engine. then knock knock knocking . Unfortunately, mine does not make a difference if it is cold or warm outside. Engine has to be replace. I would hate for anyone else to go through this. No engine or oil lights came on. Canadian Bank and Credit Union Overdraft & NSF Fee Lawsuit, British Columbia COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Lawsuit, Long-Term Disability Lawyer | Insurance Claim Denial Help, Canada Roundup Glyphosate Cancer Class Action Lawsuit Investigation, Safety Recalls: Beef Jerky May Be Contaminated With THC, Integrated Life Care Hit With Class Action Lawsuit After Residents Die of COVID-19, Best Buy Extended Warranty Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Misrepresented Advantages, FCA Canada Class Action Lawsuit Filed After Truck Rolls Away, A British Columbia man claims that certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles are equipped with inadequately lubricated engines which causes engine seizures and even catastrophic failure. My car stalled and my engine caught fire. Placeholders.enable(); Its on queue awaiting approval from FCPP or me. Wednesday they told us it was the motor and would look into seeing if they could get it fixed under warranty but not holding our breath because our extended warranty has just passed at 160 000 km and we are at 161 000 km the mechanic informed us that there was more warranty on the motor he just had to call the head office to see if they would cover it but they would not Or have not yet got back to mechanic every time we call they just say they are still waiting to hear back from head office. When my suv gets fixed I dont even think I want to drive it. Vehicle is in excellent condition. My 2016 kia soul has oil consumption issues …the last two oil changes had no oil on dipstick. Between 2011-2013 while with the elantra, the vehicle stalled on me on the highway 2 times nothing would work I explained it as feeling as the car was in neutral, I had no control over the car and had to turn it off in order for it to just stop rolling, not even the break worked. While driving my 2015 Sonata, the check engine light came on and my brakes failed. 9k. By the time the fire department came the were able to extinguish the fire before the fire spread to the inside of the vehicle (can’t thank them enough.) And the engine would not start. Every time I started the car around friends, somebody would comment about my brand new knocking motor. I recently read your article about the Hyundai engine problem/recalls and potential class action suite against Hyundai Canada. I have a kia Sportage 2012. My new engine is on back order until August 4th when they said it would be there 3 days later which would be July 15th. fixed them but still they were not the cause. I had the car towed back to my dealership. I immediately pulled to the side shut off the engine Opened the hood to see if anything broke. I own a 2014 Santa Fe Sport AWD. We do not feature all available credit card, cd, savings offers or all credit card issuers. I managed to slow the vehicle down by lightly tapping my emergency brake. I was driving down the highway to go pick up my daughter(thank goodness I hadn’t gotten her yet.) Ultimately, however, Killoran alleges he had to replace the entire engine.